A Doctor in the House

Many Americans don’t quite remember their New Year’s Resolution by the end of January. Well, 2014 is still young, so how about trying a new resolution…making time for you. It may sound selfish, but studies have shown that finding time for yourself can help improve concentration and productivity, leading to healthier relationships and a better understanding of who you are.
In today’s busy world, we are all working harder than ever. Working to juggle life’s demands. Working to manage hectic schedules. Trying to meet impossible deadlines. Working to get fit, stay healthy, and eat well. Striving to manage finances. Working to raise respectful children. Helping with homework. Teaching teens to drive. Volunteering in the community. And for many of us, doing our best to care for aging parents and keep them in the comfort of their own homes.
Has this ever happened to you? You try to glance down at your watch nonchalantly. You notice that it’s two o’clock in the afternoon and the work meeting that was scheduled to end at one-thirty is still in full swing. Your mind starts to race. How will you get from Hartford to Wethersfield to pick up Mom and have her to her doctor’s appointment in West Hartford by 2:45 p.m?. You’re embarrassed to say you need to leave the important meeting early, but can’t let the pain in Mom’s knee go on any longer.
Can you relate to this? You’re off on a weekend get-away visiting family friends. You excuse yourself from the lakeside picnic to take a call from mom. She says that dad’s not feeling well. His hands and legs are slightly swollen and he’s very nauseous. He gets on the phone telling you not to worry about him. Mom doesn’t think it is a medical emergency, but she doesn’t drive and can’t get Dad to a doctor; she’s worried and so are you.
Or, how about this? It’s Friday, late in the afternoon, and you rush out of work trying to beat the traffic and make the last half of your son’s game – the one you promised you wouldn’t miss. Your cell phone rings and it’s Dad. He tells you that he went to take his blood pressure medication, but there was only one pill left. He’s supposed to take two pills, and the prescription bottle shows no additional refills without a doctor’s approval. The office is already closed for the weekend. You had every intention of stopping by to check on him after work during the week, but other priorities got in the way.
The stress and guilt that come along with everyday situations like these can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, no one is superhuman and you’re doing your best to try to do it all. Take a deep breath…there’s help out there. Personal Care Physicians is a cutting-edge company, covering the Greater Hartford Area and surrounding towns. Each of the situations above could be avoided with the unprecedented care and services offered by their team. What makes Personal Care Physicians different from the many other Home Care companies out there is their compassionate staff of medical professionals. Board-certified physicians make house calls and take calls directly over the phone to discuss medical concerns. No longer do you need to leave work to bring mom or dad to a doctor’s appointment, the doctor will come to them. Similarly, x-rays, blood work, and immunizations are also completed in the comfort of one’s home. Medications are closely monitored by the medical team. It is their job to manage the medications that your home-bound loved ones are taking and ensure that refills are appropriately filled. Screening tests are conducted in the home to avoid future medical problems, as well as a thorough assessment of vital signs, mobility, hygiene, and nutritional issues. Ultimately, these medical home visits have been shown to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and repeat hospital stays. Most importantly, your loved ones can remain in the security and comfort of their own homes and receive house calls and medical care from licensed medical experts.
There is an annual cost, or retainer, to have access to the superior care provided by the private medical professionals at Personal Care Physicians. Peace of mind that your loved ones are receiving the best home care possible means less stress and more time for you. To learn more about Personal Care Physicians visit www.pcpdocs.com.